Last Call Lyrics


It started off back in the day
In the a.t.x was a man who had somthin' to say
Never no slackin'
Just workin' and rappin'
And grindin' and hustling
And keepin' it crackin'
No fakin' or actin' or packin' a mac
And just spitin' snapin'
They wonder what happened
He dropin' the track and get right back at em'
Had a passion for rappin'
They wonder what happened...
Sittin' back laughin'
Should already been platinum
But industry fashion screw it surpass em
Eternally lastin’ forever high level my partner
My brother my homie forever
Overlord in the mother fuckin’ building
Spitin hard rhymes on the mic you gone listen
Break yo self or get broke on this mission
Boy just to let you know this clear vision
Why? cause the truth is somethin’ where missin’
[Seems like its gone] now days
Everybody got somethin’ to say
Anyways move back before you get thumped in the face
Listen to the knowledge before you preach your case
Might save ya soul before you meet yo fate
Back down mash out get ya ass out
That’s all now come on everybody its the last call...

Ya 9 times hip hop artist of the year 1st to ever have a live band stats don’t lie a true Pioneer in Austin Texas Overlord better know that


Ay yo Pops
I know you can’t hear me now
But I got a few words
Before you take yo bow
It’s me, your youngest
Your son with clout
The one that the fam
Still brags about
Heard I got yo looks
I dropped yo name
I’m addressed by middle one
To ease the pain
As a kid it was hard
To accept your exit
How could you walk away
From a son you was blessed with?
I know the pressure
Bein’ young with no funds
You lived at a time
When you earned and ate crumbs
A black man
With a family to feed
Heard you gambled on the side
And ignored yo needs
You aint perfect
That much I’m good with Pop
You aint the only one
Who ran when it got too hot
So here it is
Time to accept the truth
You got a kid
Who will never be at all like you

I'm not the one
For you to call son
I barely even heard of you
Pop I know you feel
Like you had to pick up and run
You did what you had to do
I let it ride
I'm livin' my life
Cause I'm a better man than you
Pop I know it's hard to accept
There ain't alot left
But Mamma said accept the truth
She said accept it
Truth is you still taught
I learned from absence
Some people walk away
And they never come back in
I been on top
I stood while folks cheer
Alone in the dark
Where I go to hide tears
A grown man
Feelin’ lost at moments
My pain is important
So I learned to own it
Dismiss pity
You can save the sorrow
Whatever strength I need
I bring or borrow
I spoke with God
My next of kin
It turns out
They probably gonna let you in
I forgive you
So please don’t struggle with that
You traveled this far dog
So don’t look back
When I make it there
Someday we might connect
But for now, I’m good
And I’m clearin’ yo debt
Rest easy
Yo son will survive and press on
And be a better man
As you take yo trip home

Mom’s did it all
Through the good and bad years
Now that I’m grown
I can guide it from here
You might have been proud
I speak to crowds
Even sign autographs
When they see me now
I aint made it yet
Still I can sense the future
We could have shared some things
If only I knew ya
But God’s plan
Aint the one to question
Sometimes bad things
Only lead to blessings
I spoke about you
In the music I make
Some people understood
Some couldn’t relate
But those are the breaks
The world is a massive place
And everybody here
Got a few struggles to face
I’m not alone
I’m here with my fam and friends
Even did a few things
That I can’t defend
Yeah, a part of you
Who will stand and won’t run
I know if you could speak
You would call me a good son

I'm Good Now

So many hurdles
That I had to leap
So many hills that I climbed
And they all were steep
The art of bravery
Stitched with the tracks of tears
Did battle with my demons
To defeat my fears
Put the planet on my back
I was raised to grind
I was guaranteed a place
When the stars align
A heavy soul
Born with a body to match
I was told
Move ahead son and don’t look back
It’s in the journey
And pain is a relative price
So my objective
To try to have a relative life
My hard knocks
Mamma had to battle ‘em frequent
Head above water
But we still in the deep end
Know when to fight
And know when to cry
Know when to stay
And know when to say Good-bye
Cause this ride
Will require you to open your eyes
I’m Good Now
As I walk with my head to the sky

Hey can you feel the loud thunder
I'm back and feelin' this hunger
Nobody's pullin' me under
I'm good now, I'm good now
I'm movin' nothin' but forward
Not lookin' over my shoulder
This push and pullin' is over
I'm good now, Feel so damn good now
I broke walls
Made of struggle and grief
Let the Devil in
But made sure his stay was brief
Sat alone
As I stared at the symbol of God
Asked for a second chance
And I got the nod
In this reality
Armor that I wear is thick
It’s some things in my past
I’ma have to admit
My regrets
Exposed to my closet connects
But I’m still never sure
If I paid my debts
Movin’ forward
Destiny is sketched with patience
A warrior with words
Sent to reach all ages
The spirit of hope
I rose from hardship
That’s where I found hate
But I’m glad I lost it
I’m ready to win
I’m ready to fail
Ready for a new approach
Cause I gotta prevail
Follow the trail
Pray that I don’t get derailed
I’m Good Now
I’m ready for whatever’s entailed

I’ve been loved and hated
Stubborn and reckless
Faced so many challenges
But never been tested
I fell from heights
They reserved for greatness
Ridin’ shotgun with tragedy
And still escaped it
Buried every last beast
Encountered my grief
Been on roads
I was told that they travel the least
My belief
Distinguished all my wants and needs
Without a clear indication
Why my Pops would leave
If they listen
I’m willin’ to address the public
Show your heart
I promise you somebody will touch it
You can’t judge it
If you aint made a effort to trust it
Just move as you feel
Aint no reason to rush it
I’m feelin’ peace
A place I can finally reach
If we meet
I’m grateful that I didn’t retreat
As I increase
Wisdom I was blessed to receive
I’m Good Now
I’m stronger than I used to be

Kid Brotha

My kid brotha
Got a knack for patience
He's calm as they come
So it’s hard to gauge him
We look different
But his soul is so hood
Short with his words
Like his name was Eastwood
No sweat
His style is breezy
The kind of dude
Makin’ life look so easy
Jealous cats
Wanna hold him back
Throwin’ curves
Just to see where his nerves is at
Ha! Now yall dudes
Just funny to me
Even if you got to him
You would run into me
Bad news
I’m loud and I hate to lose
And my brotha is the one
Who can keep me cool
Yeah, he’s family dog
I gotta react
If the coin gets flipped
Then he gets my back
O.K. nuff said
You got the pieces
I speak on it
And my kid brotha’s the reason

My kid brotha, My, my kid brotha
My kid brotha, My, my kid brotha
My kid brotha, My, my kid brother
My kid brotha, My, my kid brotha
He got smarts
That would make yo head hurt
Can’t count to two
Cause he’s always in first
Mad talent
He was born to shine
Yo brotha might have some skills
But not like mine
All work and no play?
He don’t prescribe
How we do it
I’m tellin’ yall not to try
Fast lane it
Get to yo town and then paint it
Locate yo stash of Patrone
And then drain it
My kid brotha
Stay honest and true
When I need him
Kid comes out of the blue
Now that’s fam
Reppin’ me wherever I am
And I’ma do the same
If he get in a jam
Know what I’m sayin’
Yall got a similar plan
If somebody you related to
Is needin’ a hand
It’s all relative
So if it’s real, you can tell it is
My kid brotha
That nobody’s better than

He don’t get mad
The kid just laughs
You could try
But dog you aint up to the task
Show up quick
Or quickly choose to bounce out
You never really know
What my brotha’s about
A free spirit
No man, you can’t contain him
Yes he makes money
But money don’t make him
He’s not arrogant
But confidence runs high
Loyal to the ones
Who was with him and stood by
He’s that real
Never the fake one
Advice to Big Brotha
Remain the brave one
Girls give him
Résumé’s just to hang
Got job offers
Blowin’ up his phone for days
Generous to those
If they need a step up
Throwin’ up the deuce
If he ever get fed up
I said it before
I’ll say it again
My kid brotha
Easily my best of friends

Last Call

You know the times that we lived
Kids’ll be kids
Can’t condone
Everything that we did
Lookin’ for them girls
But I don’t why
You know it’s true
They never fall for the fat guy
Can’t tell me nothin’
Nah I never follow statistics
Any one of these girlies
I could get with
Man of the hour
Go for 24 like Bauer
Stay clear
Of the haters and doubters
Just wanna live
That’s what my resume says
Without risk
You might as well stay in the bed
The last round
I share with anybody who’s down
Throw yo glass to the sky
And embrace life now
Right here,
Right now, this moment
You could have everything you dream
If you own it
You might even stumble
Maybe sometimes you’ll fall
But we all gotta hang
For the Last Call

Awwh we in it let's get it
It's yo life to live, so ya'll should go live it
Last Call
I came and I did it
Yo boy so full he might drop any minute
All ya'll
Tryin' to act timid
Loosen up son, yo moves are too rigid
Last Call
I came and I did it
Yo boy so full he might drop any minute

In that hospital bed
You’d have sworn I missed it
I turned back time
Just so I could revisit
All the pretty girls
Who would smile and flirt
Back then I was settlin’
For bad or worse
A Do over
That’s what I had to claim
Never let it be said
That yo life can’t change
I used to be worried
Bout money and fame
I stopped buggin’
And that’s when half of it came
We be havin’ afterparty’s
Everyday of the week
A little Mayhem
Anywhere we chose meet
Met one cat
He seemed to do it just like me
We like brothers
But all that’s easy to see
I’ma hold up the bottle
To address I’m here now
Celebrate your life
You got nothin’ to fear now
Yes I wanted more
So I went for it all
So we all stayin’ put
For the Last Call

Any minute, any minute
I came and I did it
Yo boy so full he might drop any minute
Any minute, any minute
I came and I did it
Yo boy so full he might drop any minute
Is my mic hot?

Now I’m packin’ rooms
When I show to play tunes
I even get paid
Like my name was brand new
So many peeps
I got a back up sim card
I even got a speed dial button
To reach God
Cause when I’m trippin’
I can ask forgiveness
For causin’ more problems
Than Homer Simpson
Yeah there’s still tears
But I mostly laugh
Teach these kids that I know
Not to live in the past
If it happened
It happened for a reason
All you gotta know
Is you can change like the seasons
If you could relax
You could see, you aint in it alone
For now you got me
And this round of Patrone
So here’s to what it is
And the things to come
The ride has been nice
But we still aint done
I’ma little off balance
So I use the wall
And find out
Where we meetin’ after Last Call

All I Want for Christmas Is a Black President

For reparations
False accusations
And 1 or 2 charges
I’m currently facin’
For corruption
The back of the busses
And trigger happy cops
That cannot be trusted
For my Mamma
Her childhood drama
The dogs and the fire hose
That got turned on her
For bad credit
The sports hypo critics
Mad about Bonds
But still forgive Petite
For Katrina
Them crooks up at Fema
For my lady Justice
And why we never see her
For the ghetto
Issues not settled
For real drug dealers
And poisons they peddle
For Bill O’Reilly
Speakin’ unkindly
About Hip Hop
And who should not buy me
For the people
Who said we was equal
Schools without loot
With brave souls to teach you

All I want for Christmas is a black President
A black man livin' in the white residence
I know ya'll thinkin' that's a little intense
But all I want for Christmas is a black President

For Dr. King
Commitment to the dream
A few open wounds
That frequently sting
For Bush’s neglection
Stolen elections
For Condeleeza Rice
And how she defected
For Don Imus
Who really aint behind us
A patriot act
That’s tryin’ to rewind us
For Darfur
Kenya and more
Dyin’ in they streets
Cause they aint got oil
For the prison population
Bad education
Pork fried diets
That plague and erase us
For the welfare
Klansmen that’s still here
Those like my grandma
Lived to deny fear
For the darkness
Those who were heartless
A chance to believe
That we can be a part of it
For one nation
All different faces
What if every man
Had a chance to embrace it

For single dads
Who always do right by they lads
For drama from baby mamas
Out to stick 'em for cash
And Uncle Sam
Put that sandwich in my ziplock bag
This for my quarter water sippers
When them times get bad
For scratch earners
That pack burners
Long as Nat Turners
On trapped corners
Cause they orders
To put us on the back burner
A math learner
But the numbers are displeasin'
And all I want this holiday season
Is A Reason
To keep believin'
There's gonna be change
When will I see planes
Carry my main man
Back to safe terrain
Instead of fightin'
For they barrels of oil
That they use to deploy you
And keep us niggas
On the same ol' soil
You know the truth is
In between the lines
And the signs say we failin' the youth
In these times
So with a rhyme
I can touch you like the late great Pac
Till we get a black Pres
To help the bullshit stop

Who Am I

You ever been asked that question
Who Am I?
I mean, thought real hard
I mean, get that introspective thing
You know what I mean?
Tried to get the full description

I was labeled as the nice guy
But not the right guy
Always thought a star
Was a sparkle in the night sky
I figure why lie?
Since I was yay high
Told I could shine
By the woman I was raised by
We could all fly
Just keep a dry eye
God got a plan to expand
If you act wise
It’s a thin line
And it’s by design
Never really wanna have the blind
Try to lead the blind
It’s a steep climb
But if we all grind
Life will develop and evolve
At the right time
No it’s not a crime
So I’ma live mine
Based on the words
That the Lord said to live by
Between you and I
It’s a short ride
Better pay attention
When you faced wit these hard times
So when you in a bind
Remember one line
I got ya back
That’s a fact till the end of time

I am the true son
Been here since day one
I am the Captain
Who am I?
My mission rolls on
I am not quite done
I'm in yo hood like Hip Hop
Who Am I?
I am the last word
Act like you all heard
I am yo home turf
Who am I?
I am forever
Only get better
I am the Zephyr
I aint worried ‘bout the labels
Lies and the fables
Gotta keep grindin’
Puttin’ food on the table
Loyal to my people
Cause they the ones that save you
When life is uncertain
And times are unstable
My brother named Slagle
Said don’t let ‘em Shake you
Stay up on the mic
Till yo body aint able
Hater’s can’t break you
They can only hate you
And that’s what can feed
The needs of what makes you
Look what God gave you
That should amaze you
Somethin’ for yo people
And those that still praise you
Quitin’ can be fatal
Some cats would trade you
To have you have
And be what life made you
Don’t let it phase you
Go where life takes you
Admit you been the man
Since you stepped out the cradle
It’s Ovey
Proved that they can’t upstage you
And now you aint rhymin’ for free
You get paid to

I been accused
Ovey really not rational
He overthink everything
Bein’ tactical
I was told
If anybody take a crack at you
Return blows
Till you see ‘em turn black and blue
But Ovey spread peace
Man what happened yo?
I still do
But I do what comes natural
If you take all my kindness
For soft and slow
Don’t complain
When it’s time to go toe to toe
Respect game
And we all can enjoy the show
Ride yo lane
Everybody here can share the road
When it’s too many know it alls
Who can grow?
When they preach
Just tell ‘em where they need to go
You should remember
Yo life aint a t.v. show
One hour aint enough
For you to reach yo goal
It’s yo recipe
You can make it fast or slow
But if you borrow
Pay what it is you owe


I remember when we met
How could I forget
You was talkin’ to yo man
And you was all upset
Yo, he stormed off
Then I slid in
But that’s where the story begins
Fast forward-
I’m talkin’ to the officer
That pulled up first
How yo story was a lie
And it was well rehearsed
I don’t even know the dude
That she clingin’ to
But he still poppin’ off
While I’m talkin’ to you
It’s true I’m the reason
That his eye swole up
But my man was out of line
Til yo car pulled up
I was havin’ conversation
Just me and the girl
She was actin’ animated
Like a hungry squirrel
I came through the block
At the girl’s request
If you need evidence
I can show you the text
It was a set up
Cause dude came over the fence
He swung three times and missed
I put him back on the bench

You, who you tryin' to fool
I seen all the clues
What you tryin' to prove
So what's yo plan
I can't understand
You should just stop playin'
Why we in this jam
Just stop it
Hold up, let me slow down
I’m losin’ myself
We was like fam
Up until a quarter til twelve
Cause early on
I took her to the sushi spot
I’m spendin’ rent
To avoid eatin’ Jack In The Box
She yearned for the finest
I tried to oblige
You know the things fellas do
When the girl is a prize
That dude givin’ up
Was stupid at best
All she needed was a friend
Who would give her his best
You know Kind
They just stop callin’ they friends
Start ignorin’ good advice
From they next of kin
That was me
All I really needed was she
Before tonight
I know that she would quickly agree
When we slid in the pub
I knew it was suspect
She greeted with a hug
Some dude I aint met yet
I should have thought twice
About the long embrace
Or the way he slid his hand
All over her waist

See after first introductions
She cried and such
I played gentle
Hit her with the comfortin’ hug
Exchanged numbers
That was after talkin’ awhile
We was at it all day
I knew she was down
Yeah, I listened close
How she liked to shop
Bout the brand new jewelry
She was tryin’ to cop
For real, I got her back
The girl was so real
Changed up my vibe
The girl was so skilled
She couldn’t cook
So I bought them hot meals
Man, before I knew it
The deal was so sealed
Can’t even lie
I was all distracted
And that’s how missed
All the side bar action
I realized after
Dude got benched
He’s the one that stormed off
Back when we met
Yo boy got caught in a twister
She’s mad
Cause last night I hung with her sister

You're Nobody Now

The street is
The street does
The beef is
Where beef wasn't
Until, you went and opened up yo mouth

We never see eye to eye
Just filter lies
Took the high ground
Cause I’m real inside
I felt yo vibe
The first time I put it aside
We was homies
But only when it suited yo pride
Ran with the same squad
Had the same connects
Had the same attitude
About gettin’ respect
Got the word from the street
That our ties were weak
I aint buy it
The rug was still under my feet
But I had to watch you close
To ease concerns
That’s when I saw
I had a few things to learn
Some minor details
Got disconnected
Could have put you on blast
But I let those exit
Thought I might have helped
With some distant patience
Had no idea
What we might be facin’
Times is changin’
I seen what’s foul
Could have sworn we was fam
But You’re Nobody Now

You're nobody
Nobody to me
You're nobody
Nobody to me
You're nobody
Nobody to me
You're nobody
Nobody to me
I know you had a feelin’
The streets don’t talk
Runnin’ game on yo boys
Cause you thought they was soft
Bad judgment
Bad intel, so why trust it
Treat yo own peeps
Like they got no substance
You damage my soul
I let you close
I defended yo integrity
When haters approached
It was me
Loyal to the third degree
A Big Brother
Knew that you could turn to me
But no dice
Still went the wrong way twice
How could you cut the ones
You wanna be just like
Yeah, yo image is flawed
I’m pullin’ yo card
If I don’t trust you
Tryin’ be yo homey is hard
I’m backin’ you down
Sorry, I don’t want you around
Even though we run in circles
With a similar crowd
Yo actions are loud
Now I gotta make my vow
Like the Godfather’s Fredo
You’re Nobody Now

You're nobody
The street is
The street does
The beef is
Where beef wasn't
Until, you went and opened up yo mouth
Now you creepin'
And I'm callin'
So discreet
Now you fallin'
It's ashamed cause
You went and opened up you mouth

Now...I’m not into talk
I’m lettin’ you walk
You only wanna holla now
Cause you just got caught
Bad business
I’m tellin’ you now I’m not with it
It’s yo life to live
So please, just go live it
Move along
I’m tired of the same old song
How you try to play the victim
When things go wrong
You can save it
I seen it before, I can’t take it
God said to show you some love
I’m not patient
I ran laps
Just to get yo back
Now it’s done
The whole episode is a wrap
Not the one
But now that you found out quick
You can fool a lot of souls, yo
But I’m not it
I’m closin’ the book
The problem that we had is shook
All my faith
It’s yours, you can keep what you took
The last act
And now you can take your bow
We could have been down for life
But You’re Nobody Now

I'm In Here

Ay yo Black I'm rested son
Let's Do This again man
You know what time it is
Come on...
Some of that ATX heat
Sometimes you just gotta make 'em wait man
You don't wanna hit 'em with it right off...Hahaha!

I’m back on the mic
I’m feelin’ ahhight
Risk taker
Yo boy still rollin’ the dice
Still play nice
Truth is that’s what I’m like
I’m hard headed
Never take solid advice
Yes! You got skills
But mine is major
So well refined
And sharper than razors
So contagious
Can’t contain it
As I infect the room
When I step on stages
It’s unheard of
This the return of
O to the V
Yes yall I heard ya
I’m back in the flesh
I will not rest
I got it now
So I don’t really care who’s next
Yo, Nothin’ to fear
The man of the year
Stayin’ put
That’s why I’m makin’ it clear
Chase my shots with beer
I’ma save my tears
If they ask where I’m at?
Tell ‘em I’m in here!

I'm in here
At the back attitude intact
If they ask
You can tell 'em where yo boy is at
I'm in here
Doin' work as I spit these words
When you see me
Please act like you heard
I'm in here
Doin' things
The way that I planned
If they hate
It's proof that they don't understand
I'm in here
Still claimin' that the world is mine
Till the wheels fall off
I'ma stay on my grind
I’m back in the zone
Don’t wanna go home
Me and Matt at the bar
With a stack of Patron’s
Checkin’ my phone
Text yall to see if it’s on
Where you at?
Cause I don’t really care where you from
Livin’ it now
Move if you crampin’ my style
Got a feelin’ I’ma party
Till they put me on trial
That’s my vow
Do it til I don’t know how
Even then
I probably won’t throw in the towel
You seen my file
I buy cause I hate to browse
Overdraft my account
Buyin’ too many rounds
Out on the town
Probably catch me up in the Lounge
The Headquarters
For me and anybody’s who’s down
How I do
Yes Yall I stay in the mood
Don’t impress
Cause I aint got nothin’ to prove
Been afraid
But now that I tamed my fear
If they ask where I’m at?
Tell ‘em I’m in here!

I’m back on board
It’s Overlord
If it’s heat up in the spot
You know I’m the source
Made my choice
Came here to use my voice
Maybe heal a few souls
If I just stay poised
Family and friends
Two things that just don’t end
Love and Trust
Those two I will not bend
Unless you pretend
I still might shoot you a grin
But I’m watchin’
From underneath my baseball brim
I’m so cautious
Had a lot of pride but lost it
Trouble followed me close
I let God solve it
Yeah I paid attention
When I heard life callin’
I could be the man
If I just quit stallin’
Yo, lead or be led
Starve or be fed
Impossible is just a word
And it’s all in your head
Always near
Smart enough to stay in the clear
If they ask where I’m at?
Tell ‘em I’m in here!

The Flow

Ay yo Mike...My rhymes is like a gift
Dropped off by Santa
Gotta keep it hotter
Than August in Tampa
You always focus on
What the world can’t grant ya
You say what can’t be done
I say why can’t ya
I’m livin’ for the city
Like Stevie stressed it
And no, it’s not luck
If God already blessed it
If you don’t trust yourself
You can’t be trusted
Can’t afford shady friends
Cause it’s not in my budget
And at the top
You can lose your vision
Sometimes gettin’ more
Don’t involve addition
Know where you stand
And try to embrace it
Know what it is you fear
And try to erase it
Yes- it’s kind of simple
When you break the facts down
You either swim with life
Or splash and just drown
I speak honest
Cause I cling to truth
So if you don’t do the same
Then I’m throwin’ the deuce

Hit me on the one
Do It Son
Can I Get Some
Gotta Make It Blaze
Like A Day In The Hot Sun
Walk Like A Giant
I Told Yall I Don’t Run
Heart Of A Lion
I Might Be The Last One
Never Walk Away
Til The Day That We All Done
Live For The Culture
And Not For The Vein Ones
Always Keepin’ True
To the Place That I Came From
Nevermind The Haters
Cause The Flow
Is Insane Son
I know you learned early
Not to play with fire
I’ma stay up on this mic
Til the day I retire
My bank account numbers
Should be much higher
But you can’t let desire
Have control and guide ya
You can’t let hater’s
Infiltrate and divide ya
What you need to succeed
Is already inside ya
Reach for it now
As you brace for greatness
You probably so close
You can already taste it
Live with a purpose
The world deserves you
If you wanna have it all
Then I gotta encourage ya
If you don’t make a difference
Then it’s all for show kid
If you don’t stay original
You don’t get first dibs
It’s not a movie
So dismiss the drama
Surprise all yo critics
Like yo name was Obama
You could be the one
If you choose to not lose
And know somebody younger’s
Gonna wanna be like you

Now picture me standin’
With my hand out beggin’
I’d rather be here
Doin’ what I was destined
While everybody askin’ me
When am I restin’
But no sleep til Brooklyn
Was my first lesson
Til then you can find me
In a studio session
Or maybe on a stage
With a mic that I’m wreckin’
Provin’ I’m a talent
That it’s safe to invest in
Hard to intimidate
So save the aggression
If you aint really feelin’ it
Then keep on steppin’
I do it for my people
And not for the skeptics
Talent that I earned
And I nutured in Texas
A full time vet
So I’m already tested
For those who aint with me
I just qot one question
If yo dream was callin’
Would you just dismiss this
If you could have it now
Why wouldn’t you risk it
There aint no guarantees
That tommorow is listed

Still Not Over

I Die Harder than John Mclane
I’m hard to tame
Be up in the party
Til the bottle is drained
Can’t be changed
Yall know it’s in my veins
Been kicked out of houses
I won’t behave
Should I grow up?
Not now cause life is short
Plus I’m way too committed now
To change my course
But I’m rational
Conduct I can’t condone
What I’m doin’
I really wouldn’t try it at home
You’re not me
That’s all you need to know
It’s only one cat alive
Who can truly roll
It’s time to go
Yall movin’ way too slow
Drama is for Hollywood
And that aint close
I’m makin’ a toast
To all those who like to boast
Here’s to havin’ confidence
And lettin’ ‘em know
Take your stand
That’s right, it’s time to soldier
Yes I’m convinced
That it’s still not over!

Show me the pressure
I'm here forever
Until I get it right
As long as I'm alive
I'm still up in the game
Through all the joy and pain
Just know it's still not over, over
Transform Like Optimus Prime
The world is mine
Always in trouble
Cause I’m easy to find
Time to climb
Mamma said reach for skies
If they say it can’t be done
Them dudes is lyin’
Keep on tryin’
Everybody gets to shine
Even those spreadin’ hate
Got a place in line
God is kind
Who are we to judge the blind
Just be you
Let the rest fall behind
Fight your tears
Use what’s between your ears
Make mistakes
That’s how you beat your fears
Life is weird
Talk makes it hard to hear
I had choices
Mixed with hard liquor and Beer
I’m still here
Please man let it be clear
The man in the mirror
Is proud of the way he appears
Yes it’s hard
But that’s what I already told ya
I’m stubborn
I’m tellin’ you it’s still not over!

I do action like Jason Bourne
Whenever it’s on
Show me any stage
And I’m bringin’ the storm
You know what I’m doin’
Back when they thought I was ruined
Had a dream as a kid
And that’s what I’m pursuin’
The place I’m goin’
Everybody cannot join
They said quit
That’s advice that I’m ignorin’
I wanna be tourin’
Places where they call me foreign
Posted up in a spot
Where Patrone is pourin’
Girl’s with forms
Lookin’ like models with coin
Aint afraid to kick it
Til’ six in the morn’
Breakin’ of dawn
Came to disturb your calm
Stick around
I’m tellin’ you it won’t be long
Ready and set
Yall gon’ be glad we met
Cause I got some things in store
You won’t forget
Brace yourself
Life is a roller coaster
Now throw ya hands up
Cause it’s still not over!

He Always Wins

Thou shall face the public
Stand for somethin’
Look for God
Show that yo heart can function
Yes he’s watchin’
Yo, you should not get boxed in
You worshipin’ everything around
But not him
He paid yo debt
So don’t forget
Raise yo head to the sky
You should show respect
Don’t get trapped
Be real and face the facts
When it’s trouble
You already know where he’s at
You seen the book
Open that and take a look
It’s in Proverbs
That’s where I found my roots
Face the light
We all got tears to wipe
He won’t push
But yall should respect his might
Make yo plan
Open up, give him a chance
If he’s absent
There really aint a way to advance
Let it begin
All of us commit to sins
But no matter what the drama
He always wins

He wins
When there's pressure there
Ya'll should believe
That he's everywhere
He wins
Cause he's always true
Chances are
That he's probably gonna win for you
He wins
To empower us
Believe that he wins
Cause he's down with us
He wins
If you needin' a friend
Embrace the man
Cause He Always Wins
Thou shall keep the faith
And refrain from hate
If they hard to love
Keep makin’ your case
Cause walkin’ away
Won’t reinforce your strength
Hold your place
He didn’t bring you here to break
Live yo life
That’s why he sacrificed
Reach for heights
Walk where the path is bright
Watch him guide
Trust that his course is wise
I would advise
Keep him at the front of you mind
Don’t get cheated
It’s all right there if you read it
Who else would give you strength
Whenever you need it
Honor his word
Always stand with courage
Lean on him
If you runnin’ out of places to turn
Wherever you at
Believe that he’s gettin’ yo back
If you lost
Then I promise that he’s guidin’ you back
Heard me once
I’m right here to say it again
That no matter what the drama
He always wins

Thou shall show forgiveness
Build some bridges
Might have to cross
Where they plot resistance
Show persistence
When goin’ the distance
If it’s hard
He’s right there with you in the trenches
Whenever you’re right
Whenever you’re wrong
You good in his eyes
Trust that you’re never alone
Unconditional support
If you call his name
Unconditional rewards
If you use yo brain
He felt yo pain
Healed you when nobody came
All you had to do
Is just show some love in exchange
Walk with him
Get on yo knees and talk with him
Tell him what you really believe
And lock with him
Yeah, he’s always true
Whatever you do
He did it for me
Truth is he’ll do it for you
It’s in his word
You the one he came to defend
And no matter what the drama
He always wins